Welcome to Exacta AS

The Group consists of several companies and has more than 100 dedicated employees.
Our solutions are used by small, medium-sized and large companies in all industries.

Today Exacta have more than 2,900 business customers in Norway and Nordic Country's.

Our headquarter is located in Kongsberg, Norway and we have offices in Oslo, Copenhagen and Colombo.
And we have business partners in Sweden.

Our employees have extensive experience and offer a wide range of professional services like economy- and accounting services,
business development, outsourcing of administrative functions, data collection and document workflow, ASP services and much more.

Explore our services by reading more about our companies.


Our Companies

Exacta Services AS

Authorized accounting company

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Bedriftsplassen AS

Consulting services for business and business development

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Navitro AS

Innovative solutions for document workflow and data capture

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ProOutsourcing AS

Outsourcing of administrative services

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Digital Accounting AS

Assurance and solutions for invoicing

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Tamigo Norge AS

Online employee scheduling and systems for timesheets

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ProAccount Lanka LTD

Company performing outsourcing services

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ProAccount Aps

Accounting services in Denmark

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On4uSystemitech AS

Application management and hosting services

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